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Moi Garcia Rebinds
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Moi Garcia Rebinds

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Moi Garcia Rebinds

If you have any problems with your item/s you can send it back to us for review after having agreed previously via email and having checked photos or videos of the problem. The cost of the shipping to Moi Garcia Leather & Binding will be on you. If after checking the issue physically, there is a problem due to our work. Moi Garcia Leather & Binding will cover the cost of the fix and shipping fee to send it back to you. If the problem is not related to our work, you will be liable for the new fix and return. For further information please read our Terms & conditions policy.

Moi Garcia Rebinds

Do you provide International delivery?


Yes I do. With international tracking.



How do I return an item?


First contact me and send me photos with the issue to see if I can fix the problem avoiding a return. Secondly, if the item needs to be sent back and after inspection, having found a fault in it due to my work, I will cover the expense of postage.



What is your returns policy?


Only items that have an issue due exclusively to my handling and work will be accepted.

How do I track my order?


An order number will be provided for online tracking.



How can I contact your couriers?


An Post (Irish National Service) is my courier.



What are your delivery options?


An Post (Irish National Post Service). If you prefer a different method like a private courier, please contact me.

Moi Garcia Rebinds